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Blood Law (Alexandria Sabian Series #1)

Blood Law - Jeannie Holmes Alexandra Sabian is an Enforcer - a vampire federal agent - in a small southern town, and when vamps start turning up dead, it's her job to solve the case. This would be easier if humans were more accepting of the vamp population, but prejudices and tensions abound. The arrival of her ex-fiance and fellow Enforcer, Varik, with whom she shares a painful past, doesn't make things any easier. Alexandra and Varik have to put aside their differences to find a killer before more lives are lost. There's more to the story, of course, but that's the main premise. People are dying, and it's up to our hero/heroine to save the day. My biggest beef with this book is Alexandra herself. I simply didn't like her. Too much stomping, yelling, and tantrum-throwing for my tastes. Her idea of interrogating someone was to charge into a room and growl/shout, "Tell me what I want to know, damn it...or else!". She didn't work well with others, didn't listen to warnings or advice, and consistently threw herself into danger without any thought for the consequences. I'm all for acts of selfless heroism, but she wasn't being selfless - she was selfish, inconsiderate, and at times, just plain stupid. Other elements of the story were bothersome as well. The human/vamp conflict was overdone. I understand this is a small town, but really, do we have to portray EVERY human as small-minded and prejudiced? Even the human officer who started out on Alexandra's side - even she turned on her. Also, I had trouble with the flashback & dream sequences. Just didn't like the way those were handled - like random paragraphs, shoved into the text. And then there was Alexandra's abilities/talents - everything from visions, ghost sightings, psychically reliving a victim's death, even the blood-bond she unwillingly shared with Varik...it just wasn't explained well. Yes, I get that she's packing a cool bag of tricks, but WHY???? Alexandra doesn't seem to have a clue why these things are happening to her, and after reading the book, frankly I don't either. It just DOES, and I guess that's all I'm supposed to know. Long story short, I wouldn't recommend this one.