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Faking It  - Cora Carmack **Find this & other reviews at The Demon Librarian**Opposites Attract, Indeed!Listen close. Can you hear that? It's the deep, happy sigh of a thoroughly satisfied reader, and if you'd been seated beside me as I read Cora Carmack's FAKING IT, you would have heard that sound a lot. I adored this book. I enjoyed last year's Losing It as well, but for me, there is no comparison between the two. In my opinion, Max and Cade blew Bliss and Garrick right out of the water.When the story begins, Cade is still recovering from the broken heart he sustained in Losing It. He's at a coffee shop, fake-smiling his way through a conversation with Bliss and Garrick, and when they leave, he is left alone with too many thoughts swirling in his head. Little does he know that his whole world is about to be shaken up the tattooed beauty who has just walked into the shop.Max has a problem. Her parents have just called, announcing they are in town for an impromptu visit, and they're only minutes away from the coffee shop she and her current boyfriend (a real douche named Mace) just walked into. Max panics. Mace is not the kind of guy her parents would approve of - and he isn't the kind of guy who sticks around, either. The minute he hears the parents are coming, he bails, leaving Max in the lurch. Her parents expect to meet her and her boyfriend. When she spots Cade sitting all by his lonesome, she impulsively approaches him, plops down, and asks him to pretend to date her, at least while her parents are in town.To her surprise - and his - Cade says yes.The book's premise is deceptively simple, but don't be fooled. Cora Carmack delivers a sexy and fully developed opposites-attract story that will hit all the right feel buttons and leave you begging for more.Leading lady Max is an intriguing blend of fearlessness and fragility. On the one hand, she's bold and brave and willing to risk it all in pursuit of her musical dreams, but when it comes to her private life - specifically, dealing with her ultra-conservative parents and the tragedy that destroyed their family - she struggles to stand up for herself. The past haunts her, and she has convinced herself that she is poison. Unlovable. No good for anyone. And then Cade comes along, challenging everything she knew or thought she knew about herself, her life, and love in general.Cade is....oh boy, how to describe him and do him justice? Max's first impression of him is, in many respects, spot-on. He is, indeed, the Golden Boy she nicknames him. He's courteous, respectful, charming, quietly funny, and just an all-around good guy. Not perfect, but so darn close to it, he might as well be. It's no wonder Max's parents fall instantly in love with him, and Max herself has a hard time resisting him. Something about him excites her and steadies her, all at once, and it isn't long before her carefully-constructed walls start to crumble. Needless to say, it freaks her the heck out. Cade may seem safe, but to Max, he's the most dangerous type of guy out there.No Cora Carmack novel would be complete without steam and sizzle, and FAKING IT is no exception. Sparks fly from the moment Max and Cade meet, and Ms. Carmack does an amazing job building and maintaining the tension throughout the book. Heated looks, lingering touches and sexually charged moments abound. And that's not all. Good boy Cade has a bit of an alpha male streak, and when he turns it on, you'll feel the heat right through the pages. (To give you an example, there was one scene where he quietly orders, "Take it off," and I was so caught up in the moment, my hands actually moved to comply before I realized he was talking to Max, not me. Ooops!)I loved this book and strongly encourage all of you to read it. Cora Carmack is now on my auto-buy list, and I'm looking forward to book 3 (Finding It) in October!