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Click to Subscribe - L.M. Augustine **Find this & other reviews at The Demon Librarian**If you read CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE's blurb, you may be expecting a cute, lighthearted story about young love. It is certainly that, especially in the beginning, but don't be fooled. There is a lot more to CLICK than the blurb suggests, and I mean a lot. Fluff, it is not. This is a fully-developed, emotionally rich story that will tug on every one of your heart strings.CLICK's leading man, West Ryder, is an absolute doll. He's witty, laugh-out-loud funny, and so damn adorable you will want to pull him out of the pages, just so you can tackle-hug him properly.But underneath all that charm and adorableness is a young man who is carrying some serious emotional scars. You see, poor West's life was turned upside down by tragedy and he's never fully recovered. He's hurting and more than a little lost....or he would be without his best friend Cat.Cat is 100% pure awesomesauce. She's fun, caring, brave, intuitive, wise, empathetic....the list just goes on and on. I adored her! And I loooooved the dynamic between her and West. Sometimes they are snarky and playful..............other times they just sit and soak up each other's company..........but no matter what mood they are in, where they go or what they say, they are always, always, there for each other.Cat and West are sheer perfection, and believe me, I don't say that lightly. There is nothing faked or forced about their interactions. Their chemistry and connection is palpable, and it doesn't falter the entire book. They are just so damn perfect together, and yes, I totally fangirled over them. You will too. Trust me on that (Go on, just try to resist them, I dare ya!)The relationship between Cat and West undergoes some dramatic shifts in the course of the book, and I must applaud L.M. Augustine for his masterful handling of those changes. Friends to more may sound like an easy leap to make in theory, but in real life, it isn't. There are a lot of powerful fears and feelings involved and L.M. conveyed them all beautifully.From a technical standpoint, CLICK isn't perfect. There are certain repetitive phrases throughout the narrative, and there were a few times West regurgitated the same thoughts he'd already had earlier in the book. I also thought the situation with West's dad was left too open-ended. I understand (I think) why it wasn't tied up with a neat little bow, but I wanted more of a resolution than what I got. HOWEVER, if you ask me to rate CLICK based on how it made me feel, it's 5 stars across the board. I absolutely LOVED every aspect of West and Cat's story, and because of that, I'm saying to hell with the technicalities, CLICK is going on my 5-star list.This book is a MUST READ, folks, so get online and grab your copy! And if you should happen to bump into L.M. Augustine on Twitter (@AuthorAugustine), Facebook, or Goodreads, tell him the evil queen sent you ;)5 Stars ★★★★★ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.