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Real - Katy Evans I love me a book filled with sexually charged moments. Usually, my reaction is something like this: and/or this: Now compare that to my reaction to the entire first half of REAL: Mind you, that was BEFORE Brooke and Remy had sex! The first few times they did the deed? This: Seriously, the word HOT doesn't even begin to describe what went on between Brooke and Remy in the bedroom. I mean, DAMN, I'm blushing just remembering some of those scenes! But after the initial thrill wore off....well, I guess you could say I reached my limit. I was completely overstimulated, to the point that if I read another Brooke-is-going-to-die-if-Remy-doesn't-touch-her-RIGHT-NOW moment, I was going to do one of two things: scream, or explode. (Yes, I totally wimped out. I had to. Self preservation, y'all!)As for the characters, I found Brooke to be kinda meh. Sometimes she impressed me, and other times I was like: I just didn't feel like her character was as fully developed as it could or should have been. Nor was I 100% convinced that what she felt for Remy was love versus lust. Remy, on the other hand....That man is one sexy, badass beast, and yes, ladies, he WILL melt your panties off :P. My one big complaint (or maybe question mark???) has to do with Remy's illness. It's a serious and sensitive subject, and I'm not entirely comfortable with the way it was handled. Even now, I'm conflicted about it. Overall, though, REAL was a pretty good read, and I liked it well enough to pick up the sequel, which Katy tentatively plans to release in June. (She has also confirmed it will be told from dual POV's and I am all over that idea! LOL) Bottom line, folks, you should check this one out. I think a lot of you will gobble it up....and then run back for seconds! :) ***FAVORITE SCENE: Around the 80% mark, when Brooke and Remy share a tender, sex-free moment in the limo after they arrive in New York. I was complete mush after I read it. RATING: 3.5 STARS**ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**