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A Matter of Fate - Heather Lyons DNF at 51% I'm done. Can't read another word. Let me start out by saying that I like the world Heather Lyons has created. It's an interesting place, and one I normally wouldn't mind visiting as a reader. Unfortunately, the romance killed the book for me. I just can't get past it. Allow me to explain. I am not a big fan of love triangles. Sometimes they work - and work really well - but in too many cases, love triangles take over the story and create a lot of extra drama I would just as soon not read about. I don't like the idea of soul mates, either, because IMO it makes things too easy. My favorite romances are the ones that don't come easy. I believe HEA's should be earned, not handed out on silver platters. In "A Matter of Fate", I was hit with a double whammy. Soul mates AND a love triangle. Wary, but determined to give the book a fair shake, I threw myself wholeheartedly into the story, and for a little while, everything was fine. My hopes soared. I was into it. Enjoying it, even. And then....thud. Crash, meet Burn. Based on what I read, soul mates are the be-all/end-all. Fate picks your perfect match, and that's it, done deal. You WILL be together. Sure, you can try to date someone else, but that's only because you're stupid and confused and not willing to embrace your glorious romantic destiny. A fact your friends and loved ones will be more than happy to point out to you. They'll line up in droves to lecture, advise, and bully you into submission. They will tell you, ad nauseum, that you are making a big mistake even THINKING of being with someone else. Because, DUH, don't you realize how lucky you are? Do you honestly think Fate lines up soul mates for just anyone? Puh-lease! That honor is only bestowed on Really Important People like YOU. Everyone else is shit out of luck, but hey, they're just peons on the lower tiers, they don't count anyway, right? Forget them, and forget the boy you're currently with! Time to wake up and get with the soul mate program, girlfriend! Fate has blessed you with guaranteed love and you MUST seize it with both hands! Okay fine, whatever. I get it. Soul mates = endgame. So then why spend 1/2 the book building up a relationship between Chloe and someone she is never going to be with? Why go to such pains to tell me how great and wonderful he is, how electric their connection is, and how right she feels every time she is with him? Call me crazy, but I actually thought Chloe would take a stand, that she would thumb her nose at Fate and say "I'll choose my own soul mate, thank you very much!" Because that's what she claimed she wanted. The right to choose her own destiny. Naturally I assumed she would apply that same attitude to her love life. More fool me. Chloe sucks face with one brother, secretly moons over the other, and isn't honest with either of them. And when the truth finally does come out and all the cards are on the table, what does she do? She has a tearful conversation with her boyfriend, and as soon as he is out of the picture, she runs straight into the arms of her destined soul mate. To add further insult to injury, she has the nerve to wax poetic about how wonderful her soul mate's kisses are, how sexy he is, and how her life is now (finally!) complete - and she does this mere PAGES after saying goodbye to the other guy! And as a reader, I'm supposed to be okay with this? Are you fucking kidding me? No. Just...no.