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Savagery - Emma MacKenzie Savagery has everything I like in a book. Well-drawn characters, a good balance of romance and action, and a clear "voice" I can easily connect with. Despite its historical setting, it has a very modern feel to it, which made for quick, easy reading. I breezed through this novella in less than a day. Did I mention the story also features Vikings and several scorching sex scenes that may require you to have an industrial-sized fan nearby, just so you can flip it on and cool yourself off after you read those scenes? Trust me, you'll need one! I sure did....when it was Cherine and Erik. Which brings me to why I only rated this book three stars. I can sum it up in one word. ROLF. I despised Rolf. Absolutely, unequivocally LOATHED him. He was a total douchecanoe and nothing he said or did impressed me. The whole time, I just wanted him to f*cking DIE so I could enjoy Cherine and Erik's story in peace. Because truthfully, I loved Erik and Cherine together, and if this had been entirely their story, and theirs alone, I would be writing a very different review right now. 4-5 stars, easy. Instead, because of stupid Rolf, I couldn't enjoy the book as much as I wanted to, and that's a damn shame. There was so much about Savagery I liked and I wish I'd been able to get past Rolf's awfulness, but alas, I couldn't.