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Kindling the Moon  - Jenn Bennett Buddy read with Karina :) **Click here to see this and other reviews at The Demon Librarian blog**Second time's the charm!I originally started Kindling the Moon several months ago, but only made it about 15% of the way through before setting it aside in favor of other books that stole my attention. Thankfully, I was smart enough to keep it in my TBR pile, and boy, am I glad I did, because Kindling the Moon turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable read.The book was a bit slow to get off the ground for me, as the stage was set and key players were introduced. It was interesting, and I liked Cady's narration, but I wasn't fully engaged. It's a common problem I have when reading books about witches - or, in Cady's case, magicians - because no two authors write magic the same, and trying to figure out how this brand of magic works in this particular novel can be distracting for me as a reader. Fortunately, in Kindling the Moon's case, the story kicked into gear at just the right time. And that, as they say, was that.There is plenty to love about Kindling the Moon. A spunky heroine, solid world-building, near-perfect pacing, and enough nifty little plot twists to keep you on your toes. And for you readers who demand a hero worth swooning over, you can't do better than Lon Butler. (Think Johnny Depp, looking all gorgeous and scruffy. 'Nuff said!) Now put Lon and Cady together, sit back, and savor the sizzle. The chemistry between these two is palpable - and for those of you who demand more than mere sexual tension, have no fear, author Jenn Bennett will not let you down. Trust me on that. For me, though, the best part of the whole book was the relationship between Lon, Cady, and Lon's teenage son, Jupe. Including Jupe in the story was, in my opinion, a stroke of sheer brilliance on the author's part. Unlike soap opera children, who only exist to look cute in the background, once you meet Jupe, you will not be able to imagine the story without him. He not only adds depth to Lon's character, allowing us to see Lon as more than just a love interest, but he shines the spotlight on Cady's awesomeness as well. They are, all of them, so easy together, their interactions so funny and natural....it's beautiful, that's what it is. In short, my dears, this is a highly enjoyable book and one you should definitely check out. The only reason I docked half a star was because it took a couple of chapters for me to really get into - and that's more me than the book itself. 4.5 Stars ★★★★1/2