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Fury's Kiss - Karen Chance Damn, I love this series! :) Fury's Kiss starts off with a bang, throwing us straight into the action. Dory is in a dhampir rage and is unable to separate friend from foe. The next morning, she wakes up, back at home and covered in the evidence of a fight, with no clear memory of what happened. Before she has time to figure anything out, she receives a visit from Mircea, Radu and the vampire spymaster, Kit Marlowe, who are all full of questions and, in Marlowe's case, suspicions. It seems Dory was part of a mission that went horribly wrong, and everyone is looking for answers - from Dory, the only survivor. There are other problems as well, closer to home. She is still wary of Daddy Mircea, and she hasn't fully come to terms with having Louis-Cesare in her life. Even her relationship with roommate Claire is feeling the strain after everything that's happened in the last two books. Oh, and let's not forget the joy of being a dhampir, the constant tug of war between her human and vampire natures. Now imagine having all of that on your plate, and having to deal with it all at once. Things are bound to get crazy. But then, crazy is sorta Dory's MO, isn't it? lol As with any Dory book, there is plenty of action and plot threads to keep the story moving, but I'll admit, I was at times overwhelmed by everything that was going on. On top of the usual vampire politics, Dory had to contend with smugglers, the Fey, portals, a mysterious Irin (think fallen angel), and her vampire nature acting up/taking over. In short, a lot to keep track of! I've never been on a roller coaster (my poor stomach can't handle it, lol) but I imagine the experience is a lot like reading a Karen Chance novel - a high-speed thrill with constant twists and turns. So strap in good, because you're in for the ride of your life. There are plenty of funny moments. Radu always cracks me up, and vampire Ray was an absolute scene-stealer. They had some of the best lines in the whole book, I think. Where Fury's Kiss really shines, though, is the development of Dory's relationships with both Mircea and Louis-Cesare. I've said before that the Mircea we see in the Dory books is a far cry from the Mircea seen in Cassie's world. Though the two series take place in the same world and feature overlapping characters, they couldn't be more different. In no case is this more apparent than with Mircea. In the Cassie books, his role has been steadily reduced, and there's very little focus on his character development. By contrast, in Dory's world, Mircea is well-rounded and fully utilized. He gets the chance to be more than a wily politician - he's both friend and father, a man with heart and intelligence. He and Dory share a couple of truly poignant scenes in Fury's Kiss and I think - I hope - they have finally turned an important corner in their relationship, one that will allow them to really become father and daughter. With Louis-Cesare, Dory can't get past their obvious differences. He's a powerful vampire and former Senate member, and she's a dhampir who is both feared and hated. He's polished and sophisticated and likes elegant, expensive things, and she's, well, rough around the edges. As much as Dory wants LC in her life, she doesn't believe they have any type of future. She also has little to no experience with real relationships. For her, lovers are temporary, and that's the way she likes it. But LC is persistent. He doesn't give a damn what anyone else thinks - he has decided Dory is the one for him, and that's that. Throughout Fury's Kiss, he proves, over and over, that he's here for the long haul. If there's a bridge, he will cross it. If there's an obstacle, he will find a way around it. Whatever it takes. He is, in short, everything Dory needs and secretly wants, someone who understands and accepts her, just as she is. It takes Dory awhile to admit to herself just how deep her feelings for LC run, but she's a smart girl - she gets it eventually, lol. Favorite Dory/LC scene: Tough to choose - they have some really hot great moments, but I think my favorite was the little spoon. You can find that scene around the 300-page mark. The book ends on a very satisfying note....in more ways than one (ha!). When I finished it, I sat back and grinned like an idiot. It was that good. I have no idea if Karen Chance is continuing the series but I certainly hope she does. Dory-land is one of my favorite places to visit and I would hate to say goodbye to it. My Rating: This series is a must-read for urban fantasy lovers, and Fury's Kiss is no exception. 5 stars.