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Pet Shop Boys: A Short Story - Kim Harrison OK I confess, I haven't actually read the Pet Shop Boys short story yet (although I certainly will!). I did, however, read the excerpt from Harrison's upcoming Hollows novel, "Ever After". Words cannot express how much I am looking forward to that book, and I'm thrilled to death the release date has been bumped from February to January 2013 :) About the EA excerpt - so nice to see Quen again! I hope he gets more page time than he has in the last 2 books. He deserves it. I'm also hoping this is the book where Rachel's attitude toward Trent takes a permanent turn for the better. Judging by the excerpt, she's still partially on the fence where he's concerned - although I'm relieved to see that her usual mental grumblings about our favorite elf seem to half-hearted, more of a knee-jerk response than a reflection of how she truly feels. Trent & Rachel have been dancing around each other for a long time, and with the series winding down, it's time they sort our their relationship. That kiss in Pale Demon deserves a follow up!!! **UPDATE: Finally read Pet Shop Boys. No surprise, it was excellent :)