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Dreams of Darkness - Barry  James This book was a mixed bag for me. It's your basic good versus evil story, centering around one man's fight against a fate he doesn't want and never asked for, while at the same time, saving the world from the dark power known as the Mondragoran. And to a point, it works. The villains are repulsive and morbidly fascinating, by turns, and the action scenes are detailed and well-described. Unfortunately, the story is handicapped by excessive info-dumping on the author's part. I understand wanting to build the world and enlighten the reader, but overdo it and you end up burying your audience in too many details. Which is, sadly, how I felt for most of the book. I wanted less telling and more showing. I also had trouble with the characters. They came across as flat and two-dimensional, and that made it very difficult for me to care what happened to them. 2.5 stars