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The Lost Girl - Sangu Mandanna Seriously, that's it? You're just gonna leave me hanging, wondering WTF happens now? Are you kidding me? GRRRRR, I hate books that do this! I'm sure there is a deep and meaningful reason the author chose to end the book on such an ambiguous note, but all I can think of is how unsatisfied I feel. It would be different if I knew there was a sequel in the works, that all the questions I'm left with will be answered sometime in the future, but from what I can tell, Lost Girl is a stand-alone novel. If I'm wrong, someone please tell me. Make no mistake, Lost Girl is a fantastic book. It's thought-provoking and superbly written, and Eva is a wonderful character I would love to read more about. But that ending...I just can't get past it. For that reason alone, I can't give Lost Girl the 5 stars it deserves. Sorry.