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Favorite book genres: UF, PNR, Dystopian, YA/NA/Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Romance, and anything written by Karina Halle.

Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits, #1) - Katie McGarry YA fiction about two troubled teens (Echo & Noah) dealing with their own personal trauma & drama. I thought at first that reading a "straight" story, without any paranormal/supernatural elements, would bore me, but "Pushing the Limits" proved me wrong. Echo & Noah's emotional journey reeled me in and allowed me to forget other things that would normally drive me crazy, like the bad case of instalove and Noah's overuse of the word "baby" (and other gag-inducing endearments). Sometimes, you just have to turn your inner critic off and enjoy the book for what it is, ya know?