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Queen of Swords (Sanctify) - Katee Robert I'll admit, the only reason I picked this book up was because of its title & cool cover, and for once, I didn't regret it. Normally I'm put off by sci-fi books (which is weird, because I love good sci-fi movies), but Queen of Swords is different. Yes, there are spaceships, lasers & multiple alien races running around, but rather than beat me over the head with technical jargon & long-winded explanations (you know, in case I failed to realize just how different & advanced everything is), Katee Robert used a light touch. For me, that made all the difference. The story moves at a brisk pace. Sometimes too brisk, IMO, but somehow, it works. I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything, or that the characters were under-developed. Boone & his sister won me over instantly. Ophelia was a bit of a hot-head at the start, but as the story progressed, she seemed to balance out. The romance was nice too ;) A damn good read, worth checking out.