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Favorite book genres: UF, PNR, Dystopian, YA/NA/Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Romance, and anything written by Karina Halle.

My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent 3 - 3.5 stars. A promising start. Banshees (bean sidhe), reapers, the Netherworld....the author created a unique world, I thought, and I enjoyed that. The main character, Kaylee, has potential but I'll admit, she made me feel old at times. She's just so young, and in certain situations so naive and immature - but then, so was I, back in the day (weren't we all?) so I'm willing to cut the girl some slack, give her time to grow up. As for Nash...*sigh*....where to start? He failed, completely, to convince me he was "leading man" material, and the sad thing is, I don't even know why, just that he didn't measure up to whatever standard exists in my head. I liked Tod, though :)