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Falling Under - Gwen Hayes I've read quite a few YA books recently. All of them have the usual high school trappings, in some form or another - first love/crush, dances & drama - but the good ones are written with a certain degree of maturity, i.e. I am not constantly hit in the face with teenage angst. Not so with "Falling Under". Theia got on my nerves for most of the book - she just didn't seem to have any real substance as a character, and frankly, I didn't understand what Haden (or anyone, for that matter) saw in her. That's not to say the entire book was bad, because it wasn't. There were enough interesting points & developments to keep me going, but I really think this book suffered from being told (primarily) from Theia's POV. Her friends were much more interesting than she was. I've got book #2, Dreaming Awake, in my hands, ready to go.....and yet, I'm in no rush to crack it open. Kinda sad.