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Heart of the Tiger (The Big Cat Trilogy, #2)

Heart of the Tiger (The Big Cat Trilogy, #2) - Lynn Kerstan I don't read many historical romances anymore. I used to, constantly, but over the years my reading appetite has changed, and now, I'm lucky to read 5, maybe 10, a year - and I tend to be very picky about which ones I choose. I search for historicals that aren't afraid to color outside the usual lines, that dare to be different. Well, I am happy to say I found what I was looking for in Heart of the Tiger. In fact, I would say it's one of the best historical romances I've read in quite a while. The story flows with water-smoothness, the setting is well-drawn, and the lead characters, Michael and Mira, are deliciously layered and complex. Their relationship builds with satisfying slowness, and is, by far, the best aspect of the entire story. I loved all the little ways the author ramped up the tension between them, avoiding an all-out lust-fest in favor of a series of seemingly inconsequential moments, when they would do nothing more than watch each other move or talk. Michael, in particular, invested those moments with a surprising amount of sweetness, taking the simplest and quietest of joys in Mira's mere presence, without sacrificing any of his masculinity or, worse, coming across as a mooning suitor. All in all, this was a lovely read and one I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves intelligent, slow-burning romances. **Special thanks to Lynsey, the Demon Librarian, for bringing this book to my attention. If I hadn't seen your review, I would have missed out on a real gem of a romance.