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Search for the Fallen (Angels of the Sword, #1) - J.E. Hudson Meh. I think the prologue sort of spoiled the book for me, specifically Esca's very quick turn to the dark side. The mystic compels her boyfriend to say hurtful things & break up with her, and her response is to jump on the evil bandwagon? Bit extreme, don't you think? It turned me off as a reader and made it very difficult to care if Drowen ever found her again. To be honest, I had a tough time with most of the characters. I could have done with or without them and was ultimately indifferent to their fates. As far as the story itself goes, the concept is fairly original but I think some clean-up and fine-tuning is in order. Get rid of the info-dumps. Don't just tell us facts about this world your characters live in - BUILD the world, make us care about it. Oh, and get rid of all the internal monologuing - it's distracting and destroys the pacing. Rating: Good idea but the story needs work. 1.5 stars.