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Blood Shadows: Blackthorn Book One: 1

Blood Shadows - Lindsay J. Pryor **Find this and other reviews @ The Demon Librarian**A vampire book with bite!I've become a little wary of vampire books in recent years because I feel like I've been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt at least a dozen times. Fortunately, this was one of those times I needn't have worried. BLOOD SHADOWS reminded me why I fell in love with vampire books in the first place, and why they will always be a staple part of my reading diet. Because when a vampire book is done right, it's right.At first glance, BLOOD SHADOWS may seem like just another paranormal romance, but trust me, boys and girls, it is so much more! Pryor weaves in some intriguing dystopian-ish elements, creating a society where powerhouse supernatural races (aka "third species") are policed by humans. Hostilities, conflicts and age-old resentments abound. The world of BLOOD SHADOWS is a dark and violent place, and Pryor doesn't pull any punches conveying that to the reader.The heroine of the story, Caitlin Parish, is a woman on a mission. As an agent of the VCU, it is her job to maintain order and keep the third species in check - and she's extremely good at what she does. Her latest assignment is tracking the elusive vampire Kane, a man who has consistently slipped through VCU fingers and whose list of crimes would make even the most nefarious of villains blush. Caitlin has studied Kane for years, determined to be the one to finally bring him to justice, but her interest in him isn't solely professional. Because, you see, as an old and powerful vampire, Kane may hold the secret to solving a mystery that has haunted Caitlin for years. She wants - no, she needs - information only Kane can give her.Kane is no fool. He is fully aware of Caitlin's obsession with him. Little does she know, he has been watching her as well, and he has every intention of using her to fulfill his own plans.Caitlin is a kickass heroine, yet there's a surprising fragility to her as well. I connected to her character easily and was right there with her through every emotional up and down. But Kane...Kane stole this show, folks. He isn't one of those "woe is me" vampires who is forever bemoaning his unfortunate, undead fate. Instead, he fully embraces who and what he is, thumbs his nose at human authority, isn't afraid to play dirty (in fact, he rather enjoys it), and best of all, he doesn't apologize for any of it. I freaking LOVED him.The push-pull dynamic between Caitlin and Kane is superb. Quite possibly the best I've ever read. They are relentless together, constantly pushing buttons, testing boundaries and peeling away layers. At the same time, they are fighting an intense and entirely mutual attraction which neither one of them wants to give in to. While their relationship does unfold over a relatively short period of time, it never once felt rushed or manufactured to me. Pryor makes every moment between these characters count, and the result is a complex, fully developed, and insanely hot romance.BLOOD SHADOWS is a deliciously twisted and exciting tale. Everyone has an agenda, and motives are murky. Just when you think you've figured out who is doing what and why, Pryor will rip the rug out from under your feet. This isn't a comfortable and cozy read, folks. It will shake and stir you in the best of ways. I couldn't put it down.Do I recommend this book? Hell yes! Whether you're a diehard vamp fan or just a lover of all things that bite and go bump in the night, BLOOD SHADOWS is a story you won't want to miss.4.5 Stars ★★★★1/2