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Grave Memory (Alex Craft Series #3)

Grave Memory - Kalayna Price I like this series, but after 3 books, it still hasn't breached the love/favorites barrier. The pacing is a problem. Each book has at least one stall point, when the story slows to what feels like a crawl and I'm left feeling impatient and frustrated by the lack of progress. Do things pick back up again? Yes, always, but I'd enjoy the series a lot more without all the starts and stops. There is also the issue of Alex's magic. She's not just a grave witch anymore; she's also Fae and a planeweaver. It's a bit confusing at times, trying to keep the different magics separate in my head. Something about the way Price describes how each magic works just feels...muddied to me, like I'm looking through dirty glass & things aren't as clear as they could or should be. Then there is the love triangle. I am not a big fan of love triangles, in general, and this one doesn't work for me, mostly because both of the men in Alex's life are represented as impossible choices. Falin is bound to & controlled by the Winter Queen, and as he told Alex, he simply can't be trusted because his actions aren't always his own. In no way is this better proven than in Grave Memory. With Death, things aren't much better. Alex can't have a relationship with him because it's forbidden. Why, exactly, I can't recall right now, although I'm sure it's been explained at some point. Not to mention the ongoing issue of Death's limited page time. He's more of a recurring guest star than a full-fledged cast member. In Grave Memory, his role is beefed up a bit, but only in the last 20% of the book, and in the end, he is ushered back off stage. Of course he is, because we can't possibly end the love triangle or even attempt to keep it balanced. Judging by the way Grave Memory ends, Falin will once again be front and center in book 4. Yay. Let me try to contain my lack of excitement. (*Speaking of that final scene, when Alex says goodbye to Death and returns home, to find out the Winter Queen has ordered Falin to move in, I was so mad I wanted to scream and rip the book into itty bitty pieces.)If I have to pick a side in the love triangle, I choose Death. Falin has always rubbed me wrong, and as long as he's under the Winter Queen's thumb, pursuing any kind of relationship with him should be off the table. It's just too risky. At least with Death, all Alex has to contend with are pesky soul collector rules, which can (hopefully) be bent or broken so she and Death have a chance at happiness. All in all, Grave Memory was good enough to keep the series in my TBR pile, but like its predecessors, it falls regrettably short of the greatness I was hoping for.