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The Nature of Cruelty

The Nature of Cruelty - L.H. Cosway **Find this and other reviews at The Demon Librarian**Bully No MoreL.H. Cosway blew me away at the end of last year with her fantabulous contemporary romance, Painted Faces (if you haven't read that one yet, do so NOW - you'll thank me, I promise!), so when I heard about her new book, The Nature of Cruelty, I immediately jumped on it. I knew she would deliver a sexy, witty story I would take great delight in reading - and she did!When Robert and his twin sister, Sasha, moved to Lana's tiny Irish village, Lana's life changed. She found in Sasha a kindred spirit and best friend for life....and she gained a bully in Robert, who tormented her relentlessly all through her formative teenage years until he finally moved away to London. That was six years ago, and in that time, Lana has grown up, become more confident, and has a brilliant academic career. She and Sasha have remained friends and have planned a summer holiday before Lana returns to school to begin her advanced studies in the fall.There's just one problem. When she and Sasha arrive at the summer house, Robert is there - and he plans to stay. He claims he wants to put the past behind them, but can Lana afford to believe him? Is he sincere, or is this another cruel game he is playing?I'll tell you this honestly: I spent a good chunk of the book questioning Robert's motives. He seemed to be on the level, but like Lana, I was wary. I wasn't entirely sure he was worthy of playing hero to Lana's heroine - and I suspect that is exactly how L.H. Cosway wanted me to feel. I don't think readers are meant to immediately embrace Robert. He has to earn our trust and acceptance, just like he has to earn Lana's. It's rather brilliant, actually, and I was actually more invested in the story because of it.I enjoyed Lana's character overall, although some of the decisions she made toward the end made me want to grab her by the shoulders and give her a good, hard shake. Rationally, I understood where she was coming from, but I couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed in her.The romance begins pretty quickly. Robert wastes no time making his interest known, and he pursues grown-up Lana as relentlessly as he tortured her when she was younger. It's fascinating and intense and even vaguely disturbing at times, and I ate up every second of it. The sexual tension is fantastic and the sex scenes are HOT. I particularly loved the shopping scene. OMG that was good!As in any L.H. Cosway book, the book is filled with superb dialogue and some truly great zingers and one-liners, and the supporting cast (Sasha in particular) really shines.All in all, this was a great read, and I will definitely be adding L.H. Cosway to my auto-buy list.4 stars β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.