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Supernatural Love!

Must Love Fangs - Jessica Sims

Supernatural Love 


A supernatural dating agency - because supernaturals need love too, yo! ;)


The Midnight Liaisons series has been a blast so far. I didn't read the first book (I know, shame on me!) but thanks to Lynsey's glowing recommendation I did grab the second one and was immediately hooked on the world Jessica Sims has created (you can read Lynsey's review of books one and two HERE and HERE). Each book focuses on a different couple, and in this particular installment, we've got Marie and Joshua, two very different personalities who may have more in common than they think.


So what is the book about? In a nut shell, Marie is a human who works for Midnight Liaisons, the aforementioned supernatural dating agency, and she needs to be turned. (Notice I said "needs" instead of "wants to be". That's important - and no, you're not getting any other spoilery type statements out of me!) Unfortunately for Marie, because of the not-so-nice supernatural climate right now, her options of who - or I should say, what - can turn her are limited. But Marie has a plan, and she is determined to execute it.


I loved Marie. She has a delightfully cool and acerbic personality, which was so refreshing, and while I didn't think much of her plan (too many holes in it), it was fun watching her try to carry it out. And more than that, it revealed so much about her character. With each date Marie went on, searching for the right one to turn her, I learned a little more about her, and the more I learned, the more I liked her. She was a very easy leading lady to get behind.


The real star of the show, though, was were-cougar Joshua Russell. What a charmer! He's one of those guys who comes off as just another playboy until you get to know him and discover his gooey center. That's not to say he's a walking wuss-ball - far from it! There's no rolling over and playing dead for this guy. He strolls onto the page, big as life, and pretty much commands every scene he is in. I love it when heroes do that, don't you? He's irresistible and I promise, you're going to end this book gushing over him.


As paranormal romances go, this series is a hit for me. With multiple supernatural races involved, there are plenty of possibilities for future books, and I just plain like the author's style. It's sexy and fun and makes for a quick, enjoyable read. You really can't go wrong here, folks, and I'd encourage all of you to give these PNR books a try.


4 Stars ★★★★


Source: http://www.thedemonlibrarian.com/2013/09/review-must-love-fangs-by-jessica-sims.html