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Sunshine - Robin McKinley I first read "Sunshine" years ago. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was the first vampire-type book I ever read. It's a bit slow at times, a little too heavy on the descriptive passages and too light on the action, and yet still, it drew me in. The only real complaint I have/had is the ambiguous relationship between Con & Sunshine. They had one really charged moment but the rest of the time, I was left wondering what they were (or weren't) to each other. Friends, allies, something more??? I've read the book twice & still can't answer that question. The ending makes it pretty clear they'll stick together, and there's no question a lasting bond was forged between them, so I suppose I'll have to be content with that & leave the rest to my imagination. ***A word of caution: If you like your vampires pretty & romanticized, this is not the book for you.